FIXED: Osc address bug


Not sure I quite understand the issue. Can you elaborate? What version are you using also?

If osc pilot receives value with / symbol like “1/4 note” it displays as 1.0
this is on mac os

Ah, that’s expected. It’s not going to do math/evaluate equations. If you are sending 1/4 to a widget that only accepts numbers, it’ll parse as much of it as it can as a number, and then stop. You need to send a value of 0.25 of you want it to be 0.25

Ohhh never mind, I see the issue. Ok I’ll fix that, thanks for the report!

This bug will be fixed in builds 1.5.5 and later. Thanks

Pre-Release build v1.6.1 is now available here:

There is something wrong with the address.

I’m unable to play the .gif. Can you describe the issue? GIF | Gfycat here is another link…
Basically Im sending integer of 8 and it gets interpreted as 7 or 21 as 20, but 37 stays 37 why? Maybe there is a leak that keeps these 1"s and then tries to add them after 3 attempts so 4th gets corrupted?

As you can see in the gif buttons 1,2,3 works, but as soon as i click 4th button it doesn’t… It only works if I click 2 button and then 4th button… All these buttons are identical and receive same commands.

Can you explain a bit deeper? I see you click on the 1 button, and the log at the bottom shows 7, and then the UI shows 7 in the label in the upper left. What is being sent when you click the ‘1’, what is being sent back?

button 1
Im sending cc 18 then the script updates absolute position? for encoder filt14t1 that is on 5th channel cc 14 with integer of 7 instead of 8? For some it works well, but for some -1.

I’m sorry, I still don’t follow. The subject for this topic is OSC Address bug also, but this is a MIDI bug I’m thinking now?

I’m not qualified enough to tell what exactly wrong in this case.
Believe me it’s not easy to follow for me too. :smiley:

After routing OSC/PILOT>Chataigne>Script>Ableton and Ableton>Script>Chataigne>OSC/PILOT fixed the issue.