Inverting OSC Output


I am trying to create a system where the glow of the lights in OSC, is dicated by my software using OSC output!

I am trying to build a forwards, and an off button.

I can get this working; however the problem that I am having , is that in order to invert between the 2 functions, I have to press the button that is glowing. The glowing does represent that the correct mapped button is playing, however its really annoying having to press the glowing button and not the empty one, intiution says that you’d press the non glowing button to change it.

If I press the non glowing button, it will hold the light and glow colour until I let go, at which point it automatically jumps back to the other button indicating there’s some sort of piano function going one

If anyone knows how to invert these fills that’d be so great thank you!! : D

Many Thanks,