Inverting the Glow of a widget


It would be really great if there was a feature to invert the glow of a widget to indicate when it is off and on!

It currently displays so that when the widget is glowing, it’s indicating that the assigned feature is off. I’d like to it to be so that when the button is glowing, it indicates that it is on. — I’ve attached a picture below of a setup where each of the boxes contains text - with the glow its hard to read what the text says.

Many Thanks!

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If you are using OSC, you can just switch the 0 and 1 OSC values. No solution for MIDI though due to Note Off messages.
Possibly you just need to use other color combinations too as another option?

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in the current build (v0.98.4) you can adjust the glow strength and widget opacity.

white text on an orange or yellow background is usually not ideal for readability, but if you turn the glow and opacity down you can use white text on any color and it reads fine while still being easy to tell what’s on and what’s off.

if would be a cool feature if you could choose between toggle, momentary on (default off), or momentary off (default on) for button behavior.

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Brilliant thanks very much guys! Switching the values works great! Yeah definitely, cheers for the diagram! Yeah I will be changing up the colours and the glow parameters for a diverse controller