FEATURE REQ - NDI widget cropping/address storage

I am designing a Traktor Pro 3.0 layout that brings in some of the Traktor interface via NDI.

Works great, but I noticed that the NDI address has to be added to each NDI widget. I am using 7 or 8 NDI widgets (so far!) in this layout all on the same NDI source. It would be great if you could define some NDI addresses in the setting like MIDI/OSC and then just reference the correct NDI source in each widget. As it stands currently if there is a need to change the NDI source address I have to go and hunt for several widgets that are hidden behind black images used for cropping the NDI source, meaning I have to move elements around on several pages to get NDI connected to all widgets again. Down the track I’d like to sell this layout on Gumroad and the end user(s) will need a way to change the NDI source address themselves.

Another thing is that the NDI widget does not have “Native aspect” like the Image widget does. That would be very handy for my template design.

Finally, cropping would be amazing on the NDI widget. It would make things a LOT neater and tidier when designing templates that rely heavily on NDI (such as my Traktor layout). On one of the pages of my template I am taking a screen element from the top right corner of screen and then placing it bottom left of the page layout. This means I have to drag it mostly off-screen. Then when I need to change the NDI address on that widget I have to move several of the page elements out of the way to access it due to the high amount of layers.

Keep up the awesome work as usual!


Thanks for the suggestions. For native aspect I wouldn’t be able to change the widget size the way the image one does, it’ll just have to fit the NDI image inside the space it’s created at, but aspect correct.

I’ll also consider the crop request, thanks for the suggestions!

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