Does OSC Pilot use OSC bundles?

Hello. I am trying to get OSC Pilot to communicate with and ETC Mosaic controller (=Pharos) via OSC. Does OSC Pilot use OSC bundles? If so, is there a way to turn this off? Bundles are not supported by the receiving device at this time.

Many thanks

Yes; I use an app called Protokol (from the TouchOSC crew) to debug OSC messages. The messages from OSC Pilot appear to be bundled. Can you alter the messages that the ETC responds to on the controller itself, or are those fixed?

Yep correct, it uses bundles. Not sure if it’s necessary with the way it’s currently setup is one packet per message anyways. I’ll add it to my todo to remove the bundles for now until data is sent differently, in which case I’ll add an option at that time.

That’s great, thanks!