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Is it possible to use OSC Pilot to enable the use of custom hardware? I would like set up an Xbox controller to control Resolume, and was wondering if it is possible to use OSCpIlot to get this working? Can I create a patch on OSCPilot and then link this to my other software? Does an Xbox controller have inputable OSC commands? Any information on this would be super useful !

Many thanks!


XBox controller to Resolume is probably possible, but I don’t think OSC/Pilot would be in the mix. You would likely want a piece of software on the computer that can listen to the HID/Joystick commands from the controller and map them to OSC out commands for Resolume. After a solid 1.5 minutes of digging, there appears to be a library that can parse XBox controller commands here:
There are some examples out there of how to map data out to OSC messages, so you just have to merge them together. TouchDesigner and MaxMSP can are also flexible in this regard, but I’m not sure if they can natively handle HID/Joystick commands on an input.

Good luck!

Edit: Here is a link to someone getting it working in MaxMSP.

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Yep, TouchDesigner can do it also, it would just be 3-4 nodes likely. Agreed I don’t think OSC/PILOT would be in the mix here.

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Sound cheers guys! Nice one those links look great - I’ll have a look at touch designer and see how it goes!

Thanks for the help : D