FIXED: iPad configuration/OSC message issue

Hey, just picked up OSC/Pilot and OSC/Par, trying to figure out how to get everything configured and working correctly.

Desktop app versions tested: 1.8.8 and 1.9.2, iPad app version: latest, app store lists as 1.8.8

I’m monitoring OSC messages in Ableton using the OSC Monitor from the connection kit, and also have Protokol from the TouchOSC people running, and I’m a bit confused as to how I should be configuring things.

If I set the desktop app to run on 8000/8001

  • Ableton logs OSC messages
  • Protokol logs OSC messages

If I set the desktop app to run on or (static IP for that machine) 8000/8001

  • Ableton logs OSC messages
  • Protokol does not log anything

Regardless of either setting, if I set the iPad app to use 8000/8001 or 8001/8000 - nothing happens anywhere. If I set it to the desktop IP - and use 8001/8000 - then the corresponding button will light up in OSC/Pilot desktop app, but no OSC messages are shown in Ableton or Protokol.

I’m quite confused as to how I’m supposed to use the iPad app to send OSC messages.

To add to my confusion, if I configure a button to send MIDI note values, etc, when the button is hit on the iPad, MIDI note data DOES show up in both Ableton and Protokol.

Server update function works fine to sync projects over as well.

Is there no pass through of OSC messages or something? Seems like it’s just bugged, unless I’ve missed something super obvious. I’ve tried the current stable version as well as latest pre-release versions of the desktop app.

I should mention, I’ve opened all the relevant ports in windows firewall just in case also.

If anyone could shed some light on this, would be most appreciated.

Using imgur link here as can’t post more than one image as new user: Shots of aforementioned issues

So to add to this, I was just messing around some more and have discovered that if I just fire up Protokol with no OSC plugins running in Ableton, and have the iPad app set to 8000/8001 - it does log messages, as per:

However, as soon as I add OSC monitor or anything else listening on that port in Ableton, the iPad button presses no longer register in Protokol. Is this just an Ableton issue or is there some additional network configuration required here?

Firewall misconfig was the answer to all of the above questions.

Those issues are resolved, however, I’m having an issue with OSC messages sending to broadcast IP from iPad app.

My router lives at, subnet mask is, thusly broadcast address is (subnet) or

My desktop lives at - static IP
Have a raspberry Pi at - static IP
iPad currently at - static IP

If I set the host address in the iPad app to or, I see messages appearing in Protokol running on each system, however if I set the host address to or, neither sees a message.

In the desktop app though, when configured to send to either or, both it, and the Pi see messages. These packets can be seen in Wireshark also, etc.

Since both these systems are seeing the messages via either the subnet broadcast or full broadcast address, this indicates the router is not dropping the packets, so this isn’t a firewall issue on either the windows machine or the router.

Screenshot showing Protokol on windows and RDP on linux, first entries are iPad sending direct to each machines IP, the subsequent entries are the desktop sending on either or

Interestingly, running Protokol on iPad, it does see messages sent from desktop to so the iPad is definitely receiving broadcast messages, but seems unable to correctly send them.

And, just grabbed a free OSC control app from the play store on my Android phone to test, broadcasting to, these messages show up fine, so I believe the iPad app has a bug with sending to broadcast.

ok thanks for the report. I’ll take a look at this.

This will be fixed in versions 1.9.3 and later. Thanks for the report!

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Awesome, thanks so much!

Version 1.9.3 has now been posted and pushed to the iOS App Store.

Confirming issue is fixed for me. Thanks again Malcolm!