XY Pad w/2 args @ same address

Hey - I can’t tell if i’m missing something. I’m trying to send an /eos/color/hsxy (Hue/Saturation) command from an XY pad.

EOS requires this: “/hsxy arg1, arg2”

If I enter the same address for x and y in oscpilot, it sends: “/hsxy arg1” and “/hsxy arg2”

EOS will say “hue/saturation string is incomplete” because it’s only receiving one arg per address

I’m wondering if maybe there could be an option to just add like “” or something to the osc y field so that it sends the y values as the 2nd arg.


This is a missing feature right now. I’ll add it to my todo list of things to consider. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks much man, I hope it’s an easy mod. Really appreciate your hard work!