Same slider/different views/layers

Hello All!

My Question.

I have added a Slider in layer 1 and layer 2. Both sliders (layer 1 and 2) can control the main volume in reaper, and if I adjust the volume directly in reaper both sliders adjust in layer 1 and 2. But, if I adjust the slider in layer 1, the slider in layer 2 does not reflect the change and vise versa? Almost like I need some sort of loopback to make sure that slider receives the change.

Any tricks or suggestions?

Loving OSC/Pilot - I have actually written a small bridge in python that allows me to control anything in Home Assistant, mostly lights etc for me - as well as audio controls in reaper, OSC scenes and NDI video sources.


Consider using the ‘Overlay’ layer which has widgets that stay visible on all workspaces. That way you only have one slider widget that is working on that address. Otherwise then ya you need a feeback coming back from your receiver app.