RESOLVED: OSC/PAR messages not working in Resolume

Here’s the link to the discussion post I opened on the Resolume forum since I don’t have the screenshots:

Are you using the OSC Address Space at the bottom, or is that blank? You can check the docs to see how the address is built up, and the correct way to format your addresses.

The address space was blank. But setting it to something also doesn’t work.

Notice the extra /s, you want to avoid adding those in your addresses, since they are added for you. So no / at the start of the OSC Address Space, and no / at the start of your OSC Addresses.

I tried that as well and it still doesn’t work unfortunately.

Nevermind, got it working. I feel so dumb I didn’t realize this at the beginning. Here’s how I got it working. Thank you for helping me troubleshoot Malcolm!