its 1.4.2 i tried reinstalling, still same crash, maybe there is something because of M1 processor

Every now and then i get some error on the windows pc about updating video drivers or something, basically it crashes 2-3 times and then it works.

It’s not compiled for the M1 yet, but it should work under Rosetta I would assume. Are there any crash log files you can send me?
I think you can get them from:
Open the Console app from the ApplicationUtilities

Thanks for messaging me the crash log. I think this is now fixed. Can you try out build 1.4.3?

Works like a charm, well except for on screen keyboard which is invisible, anyway great job! how far is multi touch on your list?

Can you post a screenshot of the keyboard? Is it totally missing, or just the keys arn’t filled in properly?
No progress on the multi-touch yet. You do bring up a good point that a $150 driver is kind of a weird pairing for the $50 app.

It shows as darker window, and that driver seems to be free, my license ended a while ago but it still works.

Most likely, the easiest way to implement multitouch is by using TUIO. There are a number of different frameworks that are well documented, and that expensive ass driver (which I coughed up for), has a TUIO server built in to it that can be application specific (http://tuio.org/). Do it! I’m also a developer and have messed around with getting this to work in Max/MSP for far too long.

Yeah, just implementing TUIO myself seems like the best way forward for that. I just wonder how many people have TUIO capable touchscreens paired with their macs

Hey how is it going? How far is multi touch? Does multi touch work on newest Ipad?

No progress on this so far. I’ve been adding other features so far.

Aloha! Is there a chance for TUIO to get implemented this year?

Hi guys, I am having trouble with OSCpilot v1.6.3 on macOS. Anytime I give a midi input from Ableton it causes OSCpilot to crash. Any suggestions?

It appears that the problem only occurs when I enable Midi Input in OSCpilot settings

how is the situation with tuio?

Situation is bad, no updates for the most important feature for mac, its been over a year and instead of implementing something really important they decided to release Ipad support, leaving all these mac users with glitchy mouse teleporting on the screen and one point touch… Please Malcolm at least make the mouse disappear.

Still no multi touch for mac? I just ordered a touch screen monitor specifically for this.

No multitouch. The only way it would work would be with a device that supports TUIO (does the screen you ordered do that?). But it’s not a priority to add really. If macOS adds support for native multi-touch screens, which gives us a much wider range of options, I may look into it.

If I use osc/pilot on a touchscreen with windows, is it possible to connect it to a DAW on a mac system?

Yep, both MIDI and OSC are protocols that are interoperable between Windows and Mac. Look into rtpMidi to communicate MIDI over network between Windows and Mac