OSC/PILOT for Linux?

Any plans down the road to support Linux? I know supporting Mac is in the works, and I’m hoping that expands to include Linux (preferably as a tarball or zip with a shell script installer to support all the various distro’s package types).

Why Linux? Well, why not? Linux’s usuage is growing (slowly, albeit growing) as people get tired of both Windows bloating their OS with nonsense and updates that just break their system, and Mac for keeping everything under strict lock and key, in a vault, in a cave, in a ravine, on a deserted island whom only the Apple developers know the location of.

But Linux is growing. Coding and development is already largely present on Linux (which is not new news). Gaming support on Linux is gaining a lot of traction (especially lately with Steam/Proton), and there’s definitely a desire to have everything else Windows/Mac can do on Linux distros. I know I want greater support in the audio field on Linux (I have Bitwig Studio, so DAW support for me is already in place. I’m just waiting for VST/plugin support to fully catch up before I drop Windows for good). Plus, with Linux users being Linux users, its possible to expand the capabilities of OSC/PILOT to more than OSC and MIDI, from users creating various scripts and interfaces to read OSC/PILOT’S signals.

So yea, Linux support would be nice

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Especially with the launch of the Steam Deck (includes a touch-screen), this makes a lot of sense.