OSC Pilot 4 Serum

I am assuming you can build and use this as control surface for Serum? Has anyone tried this?

It’s all just raw midi signal so as long as your DAW supports MIDI, you should be able to set it up to control serum. I need to dive into it more but I was able to setup a keyboard that played through the selected serum preset and was able to setup some dials to control the macro knobs. I think all it would take is making a serum UI, manually mapping that UI to serum, then saving it as a midi map for serum


Build a workspace with a bunch of rotors and map it to what ever you want in Serum. Don’t use MIDI Map on Serum because you can’t get midi feedback when OSC adds midi feedback. I was able to map my MIDI Fighter Twister to Serum and was able to edit and flip through presets without touching mouse.