OSC compatible Video Player for Android


new here. New to OSC too…
For a theatre play I would need/like to do the following:

  • set up a controller on a tablet/laptop that enables the user to start/stop/pause etc selected movies that play on 5 tablets that are used on stage.
  • my main question/quest is finding a OSC compatible video player for Android. Up till now I was not able to find one. VLC seemed to be compatible, but I could not find a clue in the preferences of recent versions.
  • Is there a full list of OSC enable software/apps somewhere?

EDIT: the movies are locally on the tablet, so I would prefer not to use steaming.

Any tips where to start looking are very welcome!
Thanks a lot!

I would only know of of one „out of the box solution“ here…
That would be using https://Pixilab.se Blocks.
Other than that I have used OCS pilot to start stop different items of a VLC playlist via Midi. but that was only one player, not five.
Depending on your budget it might be worth looking into iPads instead and then use a really cheap but amazing app to play videos of the same name in synch. (they are individual files and can have different content). The app is called „iVideoshow“ .
iOS App: iVideoShow - Video presentation & PDF presentation for iPhone / iPad: os-cillation GmbH -- Dienstleister für Softwareentwicklung, Auftragsprogrammierung, IT-Consulting & IT-Services

I hope th links are ok in this forum.