License Question

How many machines are covered per license? Just the one? And can we activate/deactivate machines at will like with serum/sylenth et al?

Hey, thanks for your question. We decided to not do online activations with OSC/PILOT. We didn’t want problems to occur in live shows where you are trying to install it on a new machine but don’t have internet access to activate the software.
Yes, the license is per machine. If you remove it from one machine you are free to use it on another one though. We’d ask if you are using multiple copies for a show though that you purchase multiple licenses, thanks!

Ah thanks. It’s less using multiple licenses for a show and more being able to edit on my dekstop and then take to a show with me on a touchscreen laptop for use.


Is the license a perpetual license or a monthly paid license?


It’s not a subscription, a license will work forever and includes updates released for the current version. We’re still figuring out how everything will work in the very long term. What I can say though is that any license purchased now will work for all versions released until we do a change over to v2.0, which won’t be for quite a while (at least a year, likely more).
That is, v1.0, v1.10, v1.50, etc. Your license will work for all of them, and will always work in those versions.


Looking forward to use this with Notch!