License per machine?

May I ask about license, if I use Mac with iPad, and Pc touchscreen at the same time. I need to buy 2 licenses, right? License per machine? Can’t find info on the website. Thxxxx

Right, if you are using it on two machines (Mac and PC) at the same time, you’ll need two license.
Thanks for checking.

Many thanks. And how to disable the license in pc?

You don’t need to disable the license, its just concurrent usage that matters, not if it’s installed on multiple.

Thanks for your help. Exactly the case. I installed on two machines. So that I want to disable one machine( unless uninstall) Or I need to uninstall in this case?

You can just uninstall the software if you arn’t using it. That’s good enough. You don’t need to if you arn’t using them both at the same time. It’s fine to go from one to the other based on where you are currently working.