FIXED: Macro1-n and INT/Float changes are ignored


Just picked up OSC/PAR today but I am struggling to get it working properly in Cubase 11 or Live 10.
I use version 1.0.2 and my OS is MacOS Catalina (10.15.7)

I can see it sending messages with the correct address space, but the osc address doesn’t seem to send correctly.

No matter what I change the macro text to, it always sends Macro0-9 instead of what I type into the box.
It also doesn’t seem to care if I change betweeen float/int, or modify the range.
It always sends MacroX as a float with a range of 0-1.

Is it something I’m missing here?

I used a osc monitor called Protokol to catch the messages. This is the same in both Cubase and Live for me.

Last minute bugfix introduced this. Fixing right now. Sorry about that.

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Ah no problem. I’m just glad it wasn’t something on my end.
It’s a bit tricky debugging OSC without a monitor to see what is actually sent.

This is fixed in build v1.0.3

Thanks for the report!


Works as expected now.
Thanks a lot, that was a quick fix!