Need Help Mapping For MicrodoseVR Touch OSC

Hello Team,

I need some help.

The visual app I use to perform is called microdoseVR I am on developer team doing beta stuff. They have a template in touch OSC. I am learning to put the template into OSC Piolet to be able to use in OVR Tool kit and live during sets since its in VR.

Trying to find a way I can automate some functions.

This is the website that will tell you all about it.

I am able to get commands into OSC Piolet and use in the app but want to automate.

Anyone have resources to tell me how I can map a single OSC command to macro on OSC PAR.

Know it is a little of a confusing setup but wanted to ask the professionals

Can you be more specific? What’s an example of a macro/command you are trying to do? You are trying to do this from OSC/PAR or OSC/PILOT?

Thank you for the reply.

Sorry been super busy with work and family wanted to give more time for post.

I know it is a bit confusing but let me try to give you all a better understanding,

You can use touch OSC in this visual application called microdose VR all the information is on

Right now I am using touch OSC piolet to go ahead and make OSC mappings to use with the OVR toolkit to use as a display in-game.

This is there address structure:

:control_knobs: Address Structure

The general structure of the OSC endpoints is as such:

/C/[Module]/[Submodule]/[Setting]/[Value] .

/C in the master namespace, which preceedes all endpoints.
/[Module] Next is the Module namespace, such as /C/Player
/[Submodule] Next is the Submodule namespace, such as /C/Player/Wand

Exampled I want to be able to map a command like

Parameters - All mirror float parameters have the following endpoints:
/C/PostProcess/Mirror/Asset/Param/[Name]/Alpha - Slider

to osc PAR that will record into ableton and all my other tunes to sync real time and osculate via automation.

I read this only our website

You can send up to 10 macros out over OSC using automation within your DAW. These can be any name you want, can be sent as floats or and integers, and the range of the output can be controlled per macro. The OSC Address that will be used for the macro will be /. For example if the OSC Address Space is ‘/Control’ and the Macro is named ‘Level’, then the OSC Address for this macro will be /Control/Level.

I am not sure all I do is name an put command after if it is possible.

Let me know if that clears things up at all.

Really just want to use it to automate stuff in real time

OSC/PAR can only send float or int values as the arguments to the OSC messages, it can’t send a string value like how OSC/PILOT can. So I dont think you can do what you want right now with OSC/PAR. Sorry