Figured out how to play Moog DFAM using OSC/PILOT!

Had a breakthrough in figuring out how to control my all-analog Moog DFAM using OSC/PILOT

The key in communication is my Arturia KeyStep that has CV Pitch/Gate/Mod/Sync control, which is connected to the Moog.

Pretty simple signal chain:
OSC MIDI Out (loopMIDI port) >
Ableton MIDI channel - MIDI From (loopMIDI port) >
Same Ableton MIDI Channel - MIDI To (Arturia KeyStep) >
Arturia KeyStep CV (Pitch/Gate/Mod/Sync) > Moog DFAM

Pretty awesome. Check out my video to see it in action. In-depth tutorial coming soon.

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Cool!!! I see you have some cool tutorials too on your youtube channel :ok_hand:
What computer/touchscreen are you using?