FeatureRequest: OSC args for Faders and Textbox

I think i found a great Feature request for OSC/Pilot, because it will improve its OSC capabilities a lot, with -maybe- little effort.
Now, only Buttons have the option to set a specific “Extra OSC ARG”. Would you please be so kind to make this available for Faders and Textboxes, (maybe even knobs) too? :slight_smile:
this would mean alot, because, for example, OSCPilot is then able to show the volume-meter-output of Ableton Tracks!
Here’s what AbletonOSC is sending out to OSCPilot, but which cannot be used to actually move the beautiful OSCPilot Faders :cry::
RECEIVE | ENDPOINT([::ffff:]:11000) ADDRESS(/live/track/get/output_meter_level) STRING(0) FLOAT(0.5189064)

So, this is the adress /live/track/get/output_meter_level
And these are the arguments: String 0 (could also be an Integer, 0 means selecting Track 1 in Ableton) Float 0 up to 1 (this is the Output meter, which could look really beautiful in the fader. And below the fader there could be a decibel text box showing the decibels then :wink: )

Since i m a noob with programming, my thinking is “this should be easy, like copy&paste the code for extra osc arg from the buttons to the faders and textboxes” but although i hope it would be that easy, i really don’t know :slight_smile:

I think you are asking for the opposite of the EXTRA OSC ARG feature, which controls what OSC/PILOT sends out. Instead you want to be able to control how incoming arguments are decoded.
This is now available in a pre-release build, here:

1.10.1 Pre-Release
May 7, 2023

This is a pre-release build, it may contain new bugs and should only be used for testing.
Available at:
Windows: Dropbox - OSCpilot-Installer-1.10.1.exe - Simplify your life
macOS: Dropbox - OSCpilot-v1.10.1.pkg - Simplify your life

New Features

  • Add ‘CUSTOM IN ARGS’ ability for most widgets. This allows for more complex OSC messages to be parsed/received by the widgets. For example if the argument you want to drive a widget is the 2nd one, you can skip the first. Also for widgets that allow extra things to be set such as the text/color, you can include multiple selections in a single message. To use this put a space-separated list of characters that describes the message format coming in. Value values are:
  • ? - Ignore this argument
  • # - Use this as the value argument
  • T - Use this to set the Text (for widgets that support it)
  • C - Use this to set the Color
  • R - Use this to Set the Read-Only property.

? # T
Means ignore the first argument, use the second one as the value, and use the third one to set the text.

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tim and eric universe

Wooow, i will take a little bit to process this. Looks amazing!! Thanks alot! :smile:

Hello :slight_smile:

I m currently testing setting Clip Colors in Bitwig,
which is working fine outgoing from OSC/PILOT. It looks like this:
red button

But when i want to receive Colors into OSC/PILOT to change the widget color, it doesnt work.
I tried different “custom in ARG” combinations like ? C C C , or just C
change button color
The incoming message has the rgb(x,x,x) format like this:
ADDRESS(/track/selected/clip/1/color) STRING(rgb(217,46,36))

Could you please help me making it work? :smiley:

Does my OSC/PILOT Color palette have to include every possible color in order for it to work?