Feature req: Send OSC messages on init (Cubase template)


I work with a bit of a template in Cubase and I’d ideally want to run OSC/PAR on one track to send out some init settings to my audio interface which listens to OSC.

In my template I set up one OSC/PAR track that mutes monitoring on certain group buses, and I always want to do this when I launch this template.

Is there a way to implement a per instance, or per macro setting to send OSC on load? I saw it sends out OSC when you add a new instance of OSC/PAR, but in my case it’s sitting there in my template, and I’d really wish for a way to have it send out the current settings as my template opens up so I don’t have to manually drag the slider, or set up an automation lane just for that in my template :slight_smile:

That is a very good feature, IMO.
We’ll bring it up with Joel and see what he thinks. :slight_smile:

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