Custom controls?

Is it possible to mod parts of the program for custom use?
I had some ideas for a personalised keyboard with some extra options for buttons/pads.
Would it be possible to change the files of the control modules (or add some?) to add more capabilities to them without causing problems within the editor?

One thing I would like to be able to, is to have more customisation over the shape, so I could make half a circle, triangular, hexagonal or just any shape build with nodes&lines (with perhaps some gaps where it wouldn’t respond). For example, maybe it’s possible to get the image object to use custom knobs made with “knobman” and use transparency for setting the response-field?

I also noticed that the xy-pad can send midi on/off messages, but the way it produces the note-off commands is a bit hard to use. Could it be made possible that note on/off is dependent on touch/release instead of when setting the x or y position to zero? This way you could use the pads for individual notes with individual/shared xy expression.