LOGGED: Features that would make it more playable as an instrument

super big fan of this interface. changes below would be a lot of fun.

  • option for “return to” for x and y on XY pad** (same as currently on sliders)
    this allows a “home base” groove when mapping arp patterns, hocket machine, etc

  • option to simultaneously trigger UI elements occupying same 2d space (especially since you can already send them to front/back and adjust opacity)
    this would allow, for example:

    • making synth mapped to XY pad only play when pressing pad via invisible button
      occupying same space and function like kaossillator or kaoss pad
      * mapping sliders overlapping piano keys for expressive controls like TouchKeys
  • option to enable “slide onto” for individual UI elements where you can opt not to require a new tap to trigger a given UI element (similarly to how you can already slide from one piano key to the next)
    I’ve been getting a lot of missed button presses that would likely be solved by this.

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I’ve logged these, thanks for the suggestions

Lov’n this 2nd feature request: To trigger multiple widgets under the same finger. Could allow for expressive fades and throws having multiple parameters in one swipe.