Can OSC pilot handle two arguments: Buttons yes/Faders&Text No

Hello, I m still struggling to understand using osc adresses and arguments, so please forgive me, if i m now asking the same as has been asked here: Receive Float value for a specific Integer.

So here’s the question:
How do i put 2 arguments into osc/pilot?
Thanks to a nice helping guy from Ableton Osc i found out, that the correct way to communicate with Ableton Osc is like this (screenshot from touch osc):

But i can’t find a way of typing this into osc/pilots Extra arg field
“1 1”
“1, 1”
“[1, 1]”
Nothing works. Is it even possible with osc pilot to send messages like this?

Update: i researched what is actually being sent via protokol
So this is was is being sent out by Touch OSC [and it works, in Ableton]

And this is what is being sent out by OSC Pilot. Two differences: a) it’s not a string message, but a int message. b) there is a additional Float message being sent.

Now i found out that a) is not the problem. Because it can be string or integer, it doesn’t matter. The problem was b) the additional Float message.
By trial&error i found out that by deleting OSC OFF and OSC ON values, no float will be sent - only the integers. Then it works, controlling AbletonOSC

EDIT: I also found out that Faders and Text boxes can’t handle any arguments at all, so i made a feature request :slight_smile: FeatureRequest: OSC args for Faders and Textbox

Right, the float message is the actual button event, which will be appended to your message, unless you put it somewhere else in there via a #