ADDED: Controlling the Dial with vertical and horizontal drag

Is it possible to add a feature where by pressing the center of a dial and moving your finger up/to the side could adjust the value being sent? Preferably with the option to turn down the sensitivity of the dial, so it takes a longer time to reach max?

Sliders are awesome but dials are just so space efficient. If I could populate a page with some dials at the bottom to save space and then have the ability to press on them and move up I could use the entire screen real-estate for fine control of the dials but not have to dedicate the whole height for a slider.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the suggestion. In builds 1.5.2 and later you’ll be able to control dials via clicking on their center and dragging horizontally. No vertical or sensitivity controls yet. Let’s see how it feels before adding more parameters.

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