RESOLVED: Controlling at least 2 sliders at once makes oscPILOT switch to editing mode

The program switches to editing mode if I perform multiple sliders at once. I can make this bug reappear if I pause a motion on one finger while the other is still sliding and than resume again.

Version 97.3 and 98.2

Hmm I can’t reproduce this. Entering edit mode should only occur when dragging down from the upper right of the window. What is your file like, and where are your mouse presses occuring?

I tried sending a video via the email link but it won’t go through. So let me know if there’s an email address I can send it to if you’'d like.

The picture shows the parameters off all the sliders. Once I enter Performance mode and slide my fingers on the widgets (in a complicated fashion) the program switches back to editing mode. The results occur no mater what part of the screen i’m fingering :blush:

Sure, can you send it to If possible your .plt file as well just so I’m using the exact same case you use.

Offline it was determined that the tablet that was being used (HP) had a gesture enabled that was causing this to occur.

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both of my windows laptops (vaio with a clean install and xps) have edge swipe gestures that seems to be preventing me from entering edit mode without tabbing. didn’t report it as a bug, as i think its just a windows laptop thing, but I’d imagine it might be a common issue.

Maybe an option to swipe down from the top left instead would be helpful?

@steve disabling windows edge swipe through regedit (registry) might do the trick. theres a few tutorials online about it

thanks! the EDGE UI element wasn’t in my registry, but i did manage to disable edge swipe through group policy editor as shown in this this tutorial

OSC/PILOT still isn’t switching from perform to edit mode when swiping, so it might be a bug.

it’s only really an issue when i fold the laptop into tablet or display mode and can’t reach the TAB button