ADDED: Slider "Relative" mode

The current “Jump To Value” option will do exactly that when active or only react if the user touches near the current value.

I would prefer a “Relative” mode when “Jump To Value” isn’t active. An extra mode is also a possibility.

TouchOSC has “Relative” and its documented as:

“In Relative response mode the initial touch will be remembered and not trigger any change and subsequent movements will be applied relative to the initial touch position.”

This is now available in pre-release build v1.5.2:

nice one malcolm.

i’ve happily used OSC/Pilot in (paid) productions in tandem with some python scripts in the last weeks and don’t have the balls to go bleeding egde with the pre-beta at the moment, but i’ll check it out on another test machine soon.

Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t use it in a live show until it’s been used a bit more in general. Definitely a beta release.