Packaging velocity with note on message?

would it be possible to package the note velocity/value in the same message as the note on instead of sending a separate non-indexed value message after each note on?

I’m sending midi notes via OSC/PAR into touchdesigner and receiving via OSC in DAT (I was losing really fast or short notes and not getting definition between notes of the same pitch in rapid succession when using the OSC in CHOP).

I currently have the callbacks in the OSC in DAT sending everything to a table such then I can get note index, on time, and duration on a row of the table, but getting the velocity into the same row when it is in it’s own, non-indexed message seems to require methodology that will be more error prone when notes are coming in very quickly or are too short (currently sending, receiving, and instancing from 128th notes at 120BPM and notes with durations as low as 10ms).