ADDED: BPM not sending unless value changed

huge fan of OSC/PAR for communicating to touchdesigner and prefer to use OSC/PAR to ableton link or TDableton.

The one issue i keep having is I need to change the BPM valueto get OSC/PAR to send BPM to TD everytime i add a new OSCin CHOP or open a TOE file etc, even with transport enabled.

My current workaround is to send OSC from my TD tox to a M4L device tovery slightly change the BPM value to get it to send, but would love a better, less hacky fix.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’re looking into re-sending BPM when the playbar is stop/started as a way to resend it

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This should now work in the new v1.0.7 I just posted. Thanks for the suggestion!

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