IPad midi connection with windows

Hi i would love to connect my ipad with resolume on windows pc . I cannot see it in midi settings of resolume. What is the option to use midi thru type c cable ? Or the other solution is to use OSC …But is it possible to use multiple commands on one widget ?? To have one slider in OSC/Pilot for 3 sliders in resolume for example?

Thank you in advance

since no one else answered you, i m gonna try, but, sorry, i m no expert with ipad+windows connection. The only thing i heard about is that for ipad connection to windows, the itunes installation on windows is necessary, to have the usb-background-service running. The other thing which is important, at least for Android to Windows is: you have to enable USB Tethering. When USB Tethering is active, midi and osc is transmitted nicely.
Sorry for not having more infos