FR: Linear/Logarithmic scaling (?)

Noticed another thing that’d be really great, but not sure how high priority it’d be.
If there was a way to set the scaling of the fader to be either logarithmic or linear it’d be extremely handy for handling things like audio levels (again I am controlling my Motu audio interface which listens to OSC, and linear scaling makes it tough to work with audio levels, as most of the knob range is more or less wasted :slight_smile: ).

That’s a good idea.

I got to ask though - when you’re controlling the Motu interface, aren’t the knobs you’re controlling already logarithmic? Or does the device let you control the volume directly without going through the scaling of a knob?

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Firstly, the Motu in question (Motu 828es) only has control via its internal web server, so I only have the web interface or osc to control it.

It lets me control the volume directly over OSC.

So for volume faders for instance it accepts floats between 0-4, where 0-1 covers the range from all the way off up to unity/0db, and from 1-4 it covers 0-6db.
It just gets a bit wonky having 1/4 of the fader to control that big span, that is essentially the part I want finer control over.

Hi again,

So I did some experiments with sending osc messages myself directly to my interface and analysing it a bit.
I’m thinking backwards in my brain, I need to send values of an exponential scale for it to make sense relative to the faders shown on my motu web interface. Faders for volume accept floats from 0-4.
My maths is really rusty in this department as it’s been a while since I had to actually apply it to anything like this. But basically the log scale would just run my values up to near max instantly, and I need, for this specific case 0-1 (which is infinite up to unity gain) to be covering about 75% of my scale, and then the remainder to have a slower response on the fader. So the remaining 25% should cover the values from 1-4 (so from unity up to the max on my interface), and I’d want that to increase slower.

So thinking about this, this is an exponential curve, and I realise this is feeling now like a bit too much for what this plugin is intended for maybe.

The way I’m thinking about this, it’d need to have an adjustable scale/dial to set log-lin-exp for this to work. Sorry for my initial confusion with this, but I’m definitely looking for a neat solution for this, and again, I think maybe the scope of this feature request goes beyond the neat-ness of OSC/PAR, as it’s really nice how nice and simple it is to use right now.