First OSC/PILOT test project

video of first test project

the piano notes are all being generated real time from the OSC/PILOT input shown, processed through a bunch of midi effects chains controlled by the XY pads, and routed to ableton’s stock grand piano. i built a piano in resolume to be able to visualize the output while playing.

it sounds pretty weather channely, but a lot of fun to play around with.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing that! Great to see it in action and the Keys widget being used :slight_smile:


This is was really really cool to watch. I think videos like this are great because they kinda show the full power of the software! The added touch of the Resolume piano was great too!

pretty impressive that “test project” of yours, @steve!
i’d love to learn more about it. though i have plenty of questions…
would you mind to elaborate a bit more on the
“bunch of midi effects chains controlled by the XY pads” part of it?