Feature request - encoder/plugin engine

So I work in lighting and audio, having either a lua plugin engine would be amazing but what I’m really after is just an encoder/rotating wheel that sends an update either 1-127 or 2 note encoder, for going right: note one on, for going left: note two on/off

The use case for this would be for scrubbing the timeline for music in ableton, as a dj deck for scratching, as encoders for lighting design, knobs are great but sometimes you need an encoder

Edit: Yah, In hind sight this is hard to understand,

Idea 1: lua engine based gui elements
Let’s the people make and then sell different plugins, could even make a shop for it

Idea 2: an encoder widget, it’s like a knob but it dose a full 360 rotation by sending 2 note updates, for left it’s sends note x on/off, for right it sends note y on/off

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Being able to use lua scripts would be awesome.
Because that’s the foundation of countless additional workarounds for the community which don’t have to be implemented, cause they can be manually achieved via scripting.

But i guess “custom lua script widgets” is probably not easy to implement.
Maybe a script insert field for already existing widgets would be easier.
Maybe a crossfader widget could do the job of a 360 scrub wheel, while the left faderside represents 180° of the wheel, and the right side represents the other 180°. Could be an okay touch experience

Well one can only hope, but it would be nice if it was in the terms of use that all mods or products or widgets would be in public domain, that way everybody is in the free and clear to do whatever it is they do