Backgrounds & Canvas

Feature request -

  • support for mp4 backgrounds on loop
  • canvas size specification. I’m designing on a much higher res screen than the 1920x1080 will be used on.

I’ll add a movie player widget to to my list of feature requests.

For canvas size, you can apply a UI scale in the settings to control this. Does that do the trick for you?

Thanks Malcolm.
movie widget would be awesome!
Scaling wouldnt work as its not the exact size that would be used. What about an line that shows the res to be used so we can see what would show where instead of guessing?

Hey Stu,
You’re right, it should be made a bit easier, let me look into the best way to do this. You don’t need to guess though. The default grid size is 16, so every large 4x4 block is 64x64 ‘pixels’. That means a 1920 wide display is 30 4x4 blocks wide. So that’s one way to know where the edge is.
If you’re looking to scale your high DPI display to act as if it’s running another resolution, the math is pretty simple too.
DisplayRes / DisplayScaling / TargetRes

So if you have 3840 wide display running at 150% scaling and you want it to behave like a 1920 display, the UI scale value is
3840 / 1.5 / 1920 = 1.33 which means 133% scale.
Maybe this will help for now until I come up with a better solution?