RESOLVED: Setting OSC Listening port causes crash

When I adjust the OSC listening port, OSC/Pilot seems to crash 50% of the time. When it doesn’t crash, it works great. It doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason when it does. It will crash even if there is no OSC activity on the port. The ports I am using are in the 12000 range. v0.98.4 - Demo.

A nice to have: Visual feedback on the XY pad while listening on OSC input.

Question: Can a fader/button that is listening on OSC trigger a MIDI output in the same instance? That is, if I have an external OSC source, can I route an OSC command to fire a MIDI note through a button in OSC/Pilot?


It also seems to happen when I adjust any of the other OSC settings too. Those are pretty much the only options I ever update in settings, so it may be an issue of the settings page and not the OSC parameters itself.

Windows 10 MSI WS63 8SK laptop. (incredibly meh computer btw.)

Very sorry for the delay in responding. I somehow totally missed this post. Do you know if you are still having this issue in newer builds?

I’ll be honest, it’s been a minute since I’ve played around with it. I just downloaded and installed the latest version and it seems to work fine. Same laptop. I’ll update you if I notice anything differently. Thanks.