Feature suggestions


Really excited about OSC/Pilot as a tool for controlling and previewing the camera in a virtual production context, running on the Valve Steam Deck. Here are some questions:

  1. Will you have any special offers for Black Friday that I would regret not waiting for?

  2. When running over Wi-Fi with an NDI feed I occasionally get a “connecting” message instead of the NDI feed. It would be preferable if it just displayed the last received frame instead of this message, at least for a few seconds. It would be far less distracting with some occasional dropped frames than the message.

  3. I’m running this on the Steam Deck (with Windows 11). It has excellent controllers, buttons and even gyro, and it would be awesome to be able to map these to OSC messages in addition to the touch controls.

  4. The relatively low resolution and small screen of the Steam Deck (1280x800) makes it hard to build the actual setup on the unit, since stuff gets obstructed by the menus. Building the setups on a regular screen and transferring them would be ideal, but having a “frame” with matching resolution of the Stream Deck that contains the layout would be great.

No plans that I know of.

That message comes up when the connection is fully lost, not when a frame is dropped.

Currently no plans for this, sorry.

Yeah, it’s definitely designed for higher res displays right now. Not sure if we are going to spend much time focusing such low res displays. Sorry.

I stand corrected, there is one happening actually.