RESOLVED: No NDI feed showing on iPad Pro M1


I read the whole website before purchasing and nowhere does it mention that the NDI feeds will not show on the iOS UI.

Like many of us that already use TouchOSC, I paid the 49USD$ licence for this feature alone.

I’m seeing my NDI feed on the oscpilot UI on my i9 Mac, but when the iPad Pro updates I see everything else, but no NDI feed.

In settings, the ios app is allowed to see my local network.

What am I missing?

My ipad displays NDI feeds normally outside the oscpilot app when I try other ios apps.

I need to see the NDI feed as I use my iPad.
I’m hoping I can make this work today.

With no updates since April last year I’m worried this app is just collecting the whopping 50US$ and was abandoned.

Hope I’m wrong.

Just so everyone knows, I couldn’t care less about Joel or his touring schedule.
Don’t get me wrong I liked his first album.


Currently NDI does not work on the iOS app, sorry. The iOS was a secondary version meant as a free companion to the desktop version, rather than the primary usage case. I will take a look to see if I can get the NDI input going this weekend though.
In terms of features, yes development has slowed until Joel needs more added.

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Having this added would be so appreciated.
Was planning on using this live in Berlin in May.

Thats encouraging news, thanks

I’ve got it working now, working on getting a new version out to the App Store.

That is amazing news, very pleased to read this.

When using the iPad app is it normal the time and battery icon remain in view instead of just giving me the oscPilot workspace. There is also a bar at the bottom, part of iOS I guess.

Is this put out now? I downloaded yesterday so might have the version you’re talking about. I haven’t gotten it to work tho. For me it might be an ip-issue. Receiving in OSC Pilot locally (, and my NDI does show up on NDI monitor on the iPad, but OSC Pilot on the iPad does not show it. Really appreciate your work!

No, it’s not on the app store yet. Still need to get the update approved

Ok, very soon then. 24h is normal google says. :slight_smile:

Yep, its posted as of right now!

Version 1.9.7 specifically

This fuckin ROCKS!

Malcom is it OK if I delete this whole tread?
I don’t like my tone of my original post and cant seem to edit it to tone it down.

Thanks so much for making this work it’s game changing for my art.

Will be posting videos of this in action

You Rock!

Thanks again


This rocks!

One thing I’ve noticed is that the stream of NDI is very sensitive on the network, flicking in and out depending on the network. This is probably natural and it might work better if I turn on low bandwidth. OSC monitor shows a stable, quick a Color accurate stream; with lower resolution.

If I where to wish for anything more for this it would be to have a gui button to lower resolution when necessary, or a dynamic setting depending on the connection.

Great work anyway!

Did some stress testing. Seems like turning on low bandwidth helps a bit, but still the stream is more stable on the NDI monitor app. This might be due to the NDI-monitor being way simpler and thus unfixable. A better wifi is the best solution I guess.