ADDED: Locked mode for installations

OSC pilot is Great. I’ve found it super reliable/flexible, but I want to use it in a permanent install style situation where it can be effectively left unattended.

Is there a way to lock the interface into show mode, so editing is not available at all?

Or can this feature be added? perhaps by launching the .exe with -show or something?

Great idea, I think one other person also asked for this also already. No way right now, but I’ve added it to my list!


In the next build I post, v0.99.1 and later, the option -show can be given when launching the app to lock out the ability to enter edit mode.


This build is now available:

Hi Everyone looking on how to do this.

The easiest way to do this is:

Launch your show file so it’s the latest one opened and disable swipe to change Workspace if you don’t want an unsuspecting user ending 29 empty workspaces away from where they should be in your OSCPilot project file.

Then make .bat file in windows that looks something like this

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\OSCPilot
oscpilot.exe -show

Then set this to launch at startup if you intend on this being a museum style installation and unplug the keyboard.

Thanks for adding this @malcolm

You can also Copy/Paste the shortcut the installer creates and add -show to the command. Then you can drag a .plt file onto it to open it that way too.