Please: XY Pad tiny addition [sorry for another request]

Hi sorry for yet another request, haha
i discovered that the KAOSS PAD is available as VST, and it’s so much fun.
KAOSS PAD is a awesome effect plugin based on a X-Y-PAD
With OSC Pilot in mind i thought this would work together like a charm.
But since i never used the OSC pilot XY Pad before, i didn’t know that it doesn’t have the most central function, necessary for KAOSS PAD usage: A Midi CC message which is sent when the OSC Pilot XY Pad is touched.
Sadly, as of right now, the OSC Pilot XY Pads only send out Midi CC for the X, and a Midi CC for the Y. But with the awesome KAOSS PAD, one needs the third CC message “Pad touch”.
I tried double-assigning the X or Y to not only control X or Y of the Kaoss Pad, but also send values to the “Pad Touch” of the KaossPad, but sadly this doesn’t work, because “Pad Touch” needs a simple on127/off0 message (like a button) instead of a constant valuemovement (like x or y) it seems. The only way i can make it work is to create a Midi CC button next to the XY Pad in OSC Pilot, and press it the same time i use the XY Pad, but honestly that is no fun at all, haha

You might find it as easy as placing the button in front of or behind the XY pad
Just tried this out and it doesn’t work.

thanks for testing!
i was hoping that would work, too, but nope :smiley:

been wishing for this feature since 2021…fingers still crossed : )

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i’ll add this to my short term todo

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