MIDI Feedback like Open Stage Control

Hey, OSC/Pilot looks amazing - hoping this can take over from Open Stage Control for me but am I right in saying it doesn’t take MIDI return?

Correct, currently it only outputs MIDI, it doesn’t take return.

one more person would like this option overhere :slight_smile:

me to :slight_smile:

I too would love to see this!

When is this midi feedback option will be released?
and its name is osc/par? Will it cost more money?

Hey, no release date for when this feature will be added. It’s higher on my list but I still have other things to get done before it. It’s not OSC/PAR and it won’t cost more. OSC/PAR is a different product.

i’d like to add to this request. For controlling applications such as VMix via (rtp)midi, feedback is really a necessity.

Ok yep this is super high on my list now. Once I’ve reconciled the macOS and Windows branches together I’m going to start work on this.

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